We believe in investment as a service

We consolidate our post-investment value creation strategies into efficient functional modules, such as strategy, HR & organizational management, financing and ecosystem synergy. Through working alongside and constantly providing support for up-starts we back, we've honed modular post-investment value-add capabilities and expertise.

Through working alongside and constantly providing support for up-starts we back, we've honed modular post-investment value-add capabilities and expertise.

Strategy and Development


Customer resources

Early enterprise software incubation necessitates the support and trust of seed customers. Monad Ventures is open to bridging new benchmark customers for portfolios in order to build initial customer bases.

Channel resources

In the early stages, startup companies only have the energy to improve their products. Monad Ventures provides additional assistance in matching channels and boosting sales for rapid promotion.

Strategy Consulting

The company's initial strategies are constantly adjusted and iterated. Monad team will collaborate with portfolio companies to conduct extensive industry research and clarify strategic direction.

Recruitment and Marketing


Talent recommendation

Frequent and close interaction with the invested companies allows Monad Ventures to better understand portfolios' business stages and talent requirements. Therefore, we recommend talents for companies based on our extensive industry connections.


Press Release

Connect companies with rich media resources to help portfolio companies conduct media publications systematically.

Industry White Paper

The release of Monad Ventures' industry research and trend report provides multiple exposure opportunities for our invested companies.

Subsequent Financing

Demo Day

Monad Ventures holds influential and highly subscribed Demo Day events twice a year to help with portfolios' next round of financing. Historically, portfolio companies that participated in our Demo Day are matched with 60-80 interested investors on average.

Financial Advisory

Monad Ventures collaborate with multiple professional financial advisors across different investment stages, who prioritize Monad's portfolio companies' financing needs.

Ecological Synergy

Portfolio Company Collaboration

Monad Ventures has invested in nearly 100 companies in the enterprise software and technology industries, forming a unique ecosystem of invested companies. Our portfolio companies interact closely, and many have established business cooperation relationships.

Monad Constellation Peer Advisory Group

Monad Ventures regularly invites industry experts to share their first-hand experiences, host private board meetings for invested companies, and conduct in-depth discussions with founders and CEOs on popular industrial topics.

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Monad Ventures is an early-stage investment fund focusing on the technology and internet sector. Monad proactively invests in new markets, specializing in enterprise software and technological innovation, among other sectors. We want to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit as we embark on the startup journey side by side with founders; it is our hope to witness and accompany the next exponentially growing company and next-generation business leaders as they leverage technology to create a better world. Please leave your contact information to get in touch with us.