Monad Ventures Named as 2022 Entrepreneur's Top Choice and Fastest Growing Early Stage Investor by 36kr



在过去的 2021 年,那些初心不改,矢志「成为创业者的伙伴」;那些平心静气,深入底层钻研行业创新;那些坚定不移,穿越周期陪伴在企业身边,和那些鼎力相助,给予创业者远超资金支持的投资机构,历经岁月的静淌,流传在创业者的交口称誉中,载满行业认可而熠熠生辉。

近日,初心荣获 36氪 2022 年度「最受创业者欢迎早期投资机构」TOP30 和「最具成长力早期投资机构」TOP10 两项荣誉

2022 年是 36 氪创投研究院制作「最受创业者欢迎投资人」名册的第 5 年,初心已连续 5 年入选 36氪中国最受创业者欢迎创业投资机构 。评选以 6 月初推出的「X·36under36」S级青年创业者为核心(点击此处查看初心被投企业创业精英上榜名单),广泛向创始人们发起「心

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Monad Ventures is an early-stage investment fund focusing on the technology and internet sector. Monad proactively invests in new markets, specializing in enterprise software and technological innovation, among other sectors. We want to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit as we embark on the startup journey side by side with founders; it is our hope to witness and accompany the next exponentially growing company and next-generation business leaders as they leverage technology to create a better world. Please leave your contact information to get in touch with us.