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In September 2016, PingCAP received Series A funding from Monad Ventures.

As PingCAP grows, Monad Ventures has been actively supporting and accompanying us through every critical moment. Monad Ventures not only advises us on the business level, introduces high-quality customers, and connects us with essential resources, but also assists us in recruiting key executives at the team level while always taking PingCAP's long-term development in mind.

The relationship between PingCAP and Monad Ventures is like the ideal connection with friends. Monad Ventures has always patiently provided long-term help to entrepreneurs, and that makes Monad one of the best early-stage investors for startups in the field of enterprise software.

Liu Qi, PingCAP
PingCAP's main product is TiDB, and an open source distributed relational database product. It is the first open source unicorn in China and is now valued at $3 billion.





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